One of my all-time favorite instruments, a Stauffer-Legnani model built by my friend in Cologne, Germany - Bernhard Kresse.

My Classical guitar is a solid-wood Hirade H8SS with strings by Hannabach "Goldin" Carbon Trebles and Galli GR95 Basses

My Jazz guitar is a Samick JZ-4 with vintage DeArmond "Rhythm-Chief" (model # 1100) pickup and a custom, heavy-gauge roundwound string (.016 - .058).

Fred, Freddy, and 56cm Thomas Fuerst replica (1812) by Frank-Peter Dietrich and son Markus.
Electronics: For added sound enhancement, I play through a small Evans AE100 amplifier by means of an "Artist Transducer" by Dean Markley (on the Hirade) and a digital reverb effect made by Digitech.
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Fredrick Norman
Hocking Hills, Ohio
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